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I'm a freelance journalist and sustainable fashion expert, who’s written investigative pieces and deep dives on innovation, materials, and consumer trends for New York Magazine, Vox, Vogue Business, Newsweek, Refinery29, Quartz, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, Glamour, Popular Science and more.

My goal is to find the (science-based) truth about the impact of the global fashion industry. I'm on the leading edge of emerging debates and trends around sustainable fashion – The New York Times name-checked me in  as being the first journalist to discover and report that fashion is in fact not the second most polluting industry after oil.

I also run the leading international blog on sustainable and ethical fashion, (1.1 million visitors in the past year!) where I and my contributors publish nerdy explainers on fashion materials and labor, plus shopping guides and packing lists for international destinations.

I frequently speak on and moderate panels on the topic of sustainability in New York City and around the world, and I provide consulting to fashion brands and businesses who would like some quick and thorough answers to the tough questions about sustainability in fashion – doing it, marketing it, growing it.

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