What You Don't Know About Student Loans Could Save You A Lot Of $$

This past year, tuition at a four-year public college for an in-state student averaged out to $8,655 according to the College Board, with a low of $4,278 in Wyoming and a high of $14,576 in New Hampshire (snowboarding is expensive, yo). But, that’s a drop in the bucket, compared to the cost of a private school. If you decide to go that route, tuition bounces up to nearly $30,000 a year. And, that doesn’t factor in other expenses like miscellaneous fees, textbooks, food, and housing (and most definitely not beer or spring-break money). With all of the incidental costs included, a“moderate” budget for attending a private institution comes to about $43,289 a year — but extending all the way up to $61,977, if you happen to attend NYU, the country’s mostexpensive school